Tatara and Churchkhela

The Province of Kakheti is located in one of the most wonderful and beautiful regions of Georgia. It is comprised of both a very rich and traditional culture whose historical daily life revolved around the production of premier exquisite wines and the preparation of delicious foods. Churchkhela is an old and traditional Georgian health snack. In the country of winemaking and viniculture, parallel to the making of distinctive and delectable wines from the best variety of grapes, Tatara and Churchkhela also has long history and tradition. Indeed, archaeological discoveries of burial grounds dated to the second century BC included clay plates on which there is depicted the scenes of the preparation of Churchkhela in addition to special vessels in which ancient Georgians were storing the Churchkhela.

We use the best variety of grapes and nuts to make our various Churchkhela products. After distilling sweet juice from a grape, we transfer the juice to a special container called an orshimo. The grape juice is boiled for a protracted period of time to naturally sweeten it. The thickened grape juice is called Tatara. Once cooled it is mixed with our proprietary blend of flours. Cleaned nuts, such as walnuts, are strung together and dipped into the Tatara then dried into the form of what looks like a candle. The Churchkhela retains its unique, sweet and delicious flavor for a long time and is the ultimate heavenly healthy treat, whether snacking at home or hiking on your own expedition and adventure. We offer three variations of Churchkhela as described below.

Please use the “Contact” page to inform us of what type of Churchkhela(s) and/or Wines(s) you desire to order and the volume/number for each product. We will respond immediately advising you of our price for the product(s) you are ordering as well as our reasonable shipping and handling charges.